Thursday, September 14, 2006

NY Fashion Week Spring 2007: Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs. This is all that is anticipated during fashion week. OK not all but let me tell you, if Marc wouldn't show there would be a lot of angry persons fluttering about. In any case, I love him myself, we all do, that's just the way it is. Yet, even though I love what he does, in my opinion he has fallen short of expectation (many times) in the past. It's like the lottery; you have your ticket in hand waiting for the little balls to drop. The first ball drops and you have the number. The second one drops, oh my, you have that number as well, but then the ball really drops and its downhill from there. It's the biggest let down - you had two in six and you really needed six in six. So you sulk in disappointment but keep buying those tickets in hopes of getting all six. Its equivalent to a Marc Jacobs show, there have been many seasons past that have been disappointing. There have been many seasons where he got two, maybe three, winning numbers and fell short of the rest. Yet we keep buying into the whole Marc Jacobs phenomenon, don't we? We keep hoping that the next show will be a perfect six, so to speak, and when its not we hope for the next time around. Well spring 2007 proves to be a winning ticket. Right out of the clouds (literally) like a dream come true the Marc Jacobs show manifested and right after the sixth look, just by the expression on everyone's faces, we all knew we had a winner. The somber color palette struck with glittering metallics, the layered looks paired with simple t-shirt dresses, volume where you wouldn't expect it, the mixture of fabrics and of course the harem pants. I loved the harem pants. (Word is that they will be a hard sell, I think they will be the next hottest pant shape. So long Pegleg, hello Jeanie.) The Marc Jacobs spring 2007 show was a true victory.


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Funny. Love the anaology.