Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bathroom Style: The Juicy Goblet

Juicy Couture is taking luxury to the bathroom
with their chic Bath Crystal Goblet. What a stylish bathroom accessory, this is just pretty as pretty can be. Besides the chic container, these bath crystals incorporate the most scrumptious scents - passion fruit and crème brûlée. For a mere $350, you get a two in one combo - your bathroom will smell and look delicious. So delicious in fact you will never want to come out.

Photo: Harper's Bazaar October 2006

Monday, October 30, 2006

Marie Claire's Fashion Mis-Statements

Regardless of my previous post on the state of Marie Claire, I did get a kick out of their Fashion Mis-Statments. I have to admit it helped me pronounce some of these fashion designers' names properly. I have a tendency to formulate my own pronunciations. Here are some of my mis-prounciations:

ANDREW GN \jen\...I always thought it was like GIN

DRIES VAN NOTEN \dreez van no-ten\...always pronounced it like dries (dries in the sun)

PETER SOM \sahm\...apparently its like psalm, so much for sawm

THAKOON \ ta-koon\...thank god for this because I've been saying tha (like thank)

Photo: Marie Claire October 2006

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Mago-vations at Marie Claire

It is the second (re-vamped) issue I buy of Marie Claire magazine and well, I just flat out do not like it. So much so that it is quite un-enjoyable to read. I really do not like the new typography they are using. It's small, thin, unrecognizable and not pleasant to the eye. I find the font type and style blurs into the advertorials and advertisements, and if it doesn't blur, it definitely does not stand-out.

Also the duotone colors of black and red is not an exciting color combination. What happened to all those multi-colors? I used to enjoy flipping through the magazine at the newsstand and have that rainbow of colors jump out at me. That is what made Marie Claire, Marie Claire. I find that it is too harsh now. Too serious.

I miss the old Marie Claire. It was exciting, enticing and pleasurable to read. Try flipping through the new magazine, nothing will stand-out or grab your attention. Trust me. It's unfortunate because I used to be an avid Marie Claire reader and the past two issues have disappointed me so much that I do not think I will be buying any future issues.

I understand that with a change of guard (enter the new editor-in-chief Joanna Coles) comes improvements, add-ons, take-aways, etc... but I feel like they completely crossed the line with their mago-vations and stripped the core of what Marie Claire used to be (stylistically speaking) - which was fun. I wish that they would just bring back the old Marie Claire.

Check out some of the changes:

The Table of Contents

Old vs. New

The Intro Beauty Page

Old vs. New

(You can't even tell that it is the beauty page in the new mag)

The Intro Fashion Page

Old vs. New

(Which one looks better? There is no question in my mind)

The New 101 Looks Page

(What happened to the fun of these pages....I used to look at the 101 section 101 times, now I flip through it so fast.)

The New Shopping Page

(The layout is nice but the headlines, titles and names are lost in oblivion)

The Old 10 Best Fashion Page

(I could not find this page in the new mag. Why? Look how bright and fun it was.)

Photos: Marie Claire Magazine

Friday, October 27, 2006

Stylish Shot: October Vogue

Coined "To Serve and Protect" Vogue's October fashion spread focuses on utilitarian outwear for the cold months ahead. I thought this particular shot is magnificent. I love the color combinations (purple headscarf, red sunglasses and gloves, and bronze coat) and the overall movement of the image, set against the bright orange construction pillars and the grey concrete of the streets of New York. I think the entire story is great but this particular shot stood out the most.

Photo: Vogue October 2006

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The October Chill

I love the quote from the October Vogue's opening fashion page. So inviting, sweet, warm and nostalgic...a great way to start the cold winter season.

"We always enjoy fashion the most at the changing of the seasons - but in autumn those sense-memory-charged pleasures are even more intense. You draw a pair of opaque tights (black or maple-red or apple green) from the package and remember that boy who took your hand at the fifth grade square dance. You slip a sweaterdress over your shoulders, rub the cashmere sleeve against your cool cheek, and think of Mom. A new tweed coat smells of clean wool. An armful of gold bangles clicks and clatters with the sound of a woman setting seriously back to business. October...couldn't you just shiver?"

Photo:Vogue October 2006

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

TomFord.com Launches

Tom Ford came. He went. He has risen. Since his departure from the Gucci Group in April 2004 he has been out of commission, so to speak. Even though his Tom Ford Brand was created in April 2005, its only of late, since the launch of his eyewear and now his perfume, that he has been on the end of everyone's tongue. I think Tom Ford is bringing "Tom Ford" back! The perfume, the website launch (www.tomford.com), the menswear deal with Zegna and the announcement of a freestanding store in 2007. It's safe to say that he has returned and is really ready to rock the fashion world. We all knew he would come back. That kind of talent is just too good to waste away on a ranch. Not that there is anything wrong with being on a ranch. I think its great that he has something in his life to counterbalance this crazy, crazy industry. I think, at the end of the day, its all about a healthy balance. I am looking forward to his re-contributions to the industry.

Photo: tomford.com

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Editor of the Year Award

Advertising Age's magazine editor of the year award was bestowed upon the queen of the fashion world - Ms. Anna Wintour. Referred to as the world's most powerful fashion editor, Ms. Wintour's successful expansion of Vogue to the men's and teen market has garnered more than just a little attention from other publishing powerhouses. If all eyes were on the Vogue editrix before you can be assured that all eyes and ears (and maybe even noses) will be glued to each and every one of her moves. There is no denying what Anna Wintour does for the fashion industry nor what she represents (whether you fancy her or not). She is a legend.

Photo: adage.com

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Marie Antoinette

I went to see Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette and thought that it was magnificent in a dreamy sort of way. If there was ever a film to see on fashion from the 18th century this was it. Each frame was overflowing with visual candy, from the elaborate dresses and the outlandish headpieces to the glorious table settings, overflowing champagne glasses, mounds of colorful candy towers and the late night parties filled with fun, laughter and pure beauty. At one point I felt like jumping into the screen and joining this fabulous world, well at least before the rioting began and all the beauty turned terribly ugly. I guess it just proves how nothing lasts forever. Everything, especially fashion, is impermanent.

Photos: imdb.com

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Influencers

Mr. Lagerfeld and Ms. Wintour. Two of fashion's greatest influencers. Need I say more.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The $210,000 Clutch

Fashion has officially stunned me again, or rather shall I say a price tag. I thought the Dolce & Gabbana $170,000 gown was a shocker (read my post from 9/27) but that was before my eyes fell upon this embossed white-gold Louis Vuitton clutch for $210,000. Sorry, I need to repeat that price tag - $210,000. I understand that the thing, and yes I am going to call it a thing, is white-gold but do we really need to carry around a real gold clutch? I think this clutch would look just as good if it was silver plated. So much for leaving your purse on the table while you dance. I think I would have it cuffed to my wrist, but then again I would never ever walk around with a $210,000 clutch anyway.

Photo: Harpers Bazaar October 2006

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Project Runway: And the Winner is...

And the winner is Jeffrey! I think he definitely deserved this win. His stuff is innovative and stylish. He brings his own (strong) point of view to the runway and has a ton of confidence to back it up. I do think that Michael, Uli and Laura's collections were great as well and I think it was a really tough decision. By the way the judges were talking I thought Uli was the winner that's why I was so shocked that Jeffrey won ( I guess he felt the same way as he was extremely shocked as well). I hope they don't all disappear on us. I hope to see all their stuff in circulation as I think they all have a lot to offer. One of the strongest Project Runway seasons yet!

This was my favorite look. Rock 'n' Roll with a glamours vibe.

Photos: nymag.com

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Warm & Stylish

I received an E-mail the other day and the image just captured my attention. I think this image captures that winter chic look perfectly. This Burberry swing coat is so classic and stylish for the cold winter months. I absolutely love the shape of the coat and how the scarf adds a demure chicness (once again plaid does its magic!). I would probably add a pair of cashmere gloves to complete the look but either way this makes me more welcoming to the subzero weather ahead.

Photo: neimanmarcus.com

Monday, October 16, 2006

Best Dressed in Plaid

More plaid done stylishly. I think that this pattern adds depth and context to an otherwise plain outfit. Much like how accessories spruce up an outfit I think that when done right (a scarf, a cropped jacket, etc...) plaid has the same effect as a Balenciaga Lariat bag (for example). Miss Stylologist may have to invest in a piece for herself.

Photos: the sartorialist @ style.com

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stylish Plaid

I am not really into the whole plaid trend this season. However, after seeing Lauren Davis in this chic little plaid skirt I have come to realize that you really can make this pattern work. I think it looks great - the cut, fabric and color tones. I probably would have opted for a solid topper but I think that Ms. Davis has pulled off the mixing of patterns quite cleverly.

Photo: the sartorialist @ style.com

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Runway Recognition

Some say it takes away from the clothes, some say that it is only needed when a collection is weak and then there are the very few that are in favor of the theatrical powered runway. I am 50-50. Yes, I do believe that it can distract the attention away from the clothes but is a runway show really staged to sell clothes? Does not the runway exist to sell an image, a brand, a feeling, a fantasy? And if the stage can take away from the clothes so can the hair, make-up and accessories, not to mention the front row filled with A-list celebrities and/or A-list editors, buyers, stylists and the like. If we are trying to get viewers to buy into the complete package, then I think the runway in itself holds its own powerful message. I feel that it is an important part of the production that should not go ignored. I do not think enough recognition is given to the stage. If we give so much attention to the other factors (i.e. hair, make-up, accessories, front row, etc.) then I think that a little more attention ought to be placed on the stage. Looking through style.com (or any other runway reporting service), there are sections devoted to the aforementioned factors, yet not the stage. And to that, I think that the runway stage deserve some credit of its own.

Dsquared: An Italian seaside cafe complete with waiter service

Christian Lacroix: Bright green AstroTurf-like runway

Vivienne Tam: Graffiti-like doodle backdrop

Viktor & Rolf: An orchestra, ballroom dancers and chandeliers

Hussien Chalayan: A fashion time clock

Yves St Laurent: Purple violas

Alexander McQueen: At the Cirque d'hiver

Hermes: A docked cruise ship

Photos: style.com, gettyimages.com

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Les Musiques Que J'aime

First it was a diet book and now a CD, entitled Karl Lagerfeld Les Musiques Que J’aime. Mr. Karl Lagerfeld is a passionate fellow and he is considerate enough to share his passions with us. I feel blessed. OK, I wouldn't go that far but I think it’s great that he is sharing what he feels passionate about, besides fashion and photography. Some would say this is just a publicity cash cow but if that's all it is then why hasn't he come out with his own perfume and his own biography, towels, toothbrushes, etc...(I am exaggerating but I think you get where I am going with this). He was passionate about loosing his weight and how he did it, hence the book and now he is passionate about his tens of thousands of music tracks, hence the CD. (Actually he is passionate about music in general; as I once read that he has over 100 ipods and I guess that makes him passionate about the Apple Corp. as well!) I think that it is a sincere business venture, to say the least. The CD is available at http://www.amazon.fr/.

Photos: amazon.fr

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The New Louis Vuitton Handbag Collection

Check out what Louis Vuitton has in store for spring 2007. Fresh, young and fun and increasingly innovative, not to mention increasingly harder for the counterfeit trade to reproduce.

Photos: style.com

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2007: John Galliano

I figured I may catch glimpse of a true Galliano-themed show with his signature collection but as I sifted through the looks I realized his collection for spring 2007 was as reserved as Dior. That was until the last 12 looks paraded down the runway with gigantic chaotic fuss atop their heads. Yes, this is the John we all know and love. The collection was less than interesting but I just loved the headpieces.

Photos: style.com