Saturday, March 31, 2007

Carmen Electra Et Al...

Why? Why does she have to act this way? I don't understand it. We really don't need to see her act like a porn star one day and some sord of stylish starlet the next. And why isn't Hollywood on her case as they are with other celebs who act this way. I just don't get it.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Get Your Keds On

I have started my spring shoe shopping (quite late I know) and I just love these new Keds. They are like running shoe ballerina flats...they are great...comfortable for everyday, super stylish and so season right. The retailer collaborated with Zero Maria Cornejo for her spring 2007 collection, Nanette Lepore, and for the second year in a row rock poster artist Eleanor Grosch to create whimsical, original, stylish Keds. I love them! I love the pointy toe design, the fact that they will provide extreme comfort and style at the same time and better than that, the price is right.

The advertising campaign featuring Mischa Barton and their new "Be Cool" slogan is a brilliant way to insert Keds, a rather classic brand, into the mainstream "cool" market of teens and young adults. Their promotional Mischa Barton website is, well, cool! Very interactive with great video clips, downloads, music and information geared toward the young, student population. I think they have a done a great job for 2007 and they definitely succeeded at making Keds cool. Now time to get me a pair or two.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

M Madonna for H&M

I almost forgot to mention the launch of M Madonna's collaboration with the Swedish retailer H&M. Maybe I forgot it for a reason. I've seen very little coverage or hype about it pre-release and even less coverage post-release. It apparently did not fare to well at the register. The collection revolves around basics - woven shirts, pencil skirts, blazers, trousers and some everyday dresses. It did not excite me when I sneaked a peek at some of the styles before it hit the stores and it still doesn't.

I viewed the promo site and I think it is worth viewing, with some minor glitches and a hugely annoying closet assistant, the site is well done. The promo movie reel is quite entertaining, and I don't know how quite I mean that exactly.

It seems people were expecting more outlandish pieces, just as I guess, they expect more outrageous concert performances by the Material Girl, but what we keep forgetting (I especially) is that she is no longer that Material Girl but Mrs. Ritchie & Mommy. She has changed and the M line for H&M greatly reflects this change. I still will check it out tomorrow (if there is anything left (and if there is anything left after a week that means it really was not a success)). My favorite two pieces are the white trench coat and a puff short sleeve shirt.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Marni Oh Marni

I recently saw this great coat on The Sartorialist, the sleeve detail is amazing. It is an overall simple coat but the sleeve detail is what makes it a memorable, stand out piece. It sure had me thinking of it way after I saw the picture and when I viewed The Sartorialist again today the sleeve just grabbed my attention yet again.

I went on, which to my surprise have added e-commerce content. You can now purchase Marni product direct from their site. They have some other fantastic coats for spring 2007. You won't find anything under $1,000 but you will find stylish, unique items. If you love that Marni deconstructed look, you will love these coats.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Clinique's Flower Essence

This ever so pretty spring blush is turning up every where I look, and I mean everywhere - magazine ads and reviews, newspapers, TV and blogs. It seems I cannot get away from it. I normally do not buy Clinique cosmetics but this is so pretty I just may make it my first official spring cosmetic purchase. Whoever the power p.r. behind this is, I would like to say congratulations on getting your product out there, heard, advertised and purchased. P.R. push or not, I need a new spring blush and this flower print one just sends out fresh positive vibes fora fresh new season. It is like opticaltherapy. What aromatherapy does for our smell, this little blusher does for our vision. It's a definite buy in my book.

Limited-Edition Fresh Bloom Allover Colour, comes in Peony or Pink Poppy, $28.00


Friday, March 23, 2007

Natalia Vodianova for CKU

I think that the new Calvin Klein Underwear ads starring Natalia Vodianova and shot by Terry Richardson are breathtaking. They are sexy, provoking, powerful and beautiful. Natalia is a beauty herself but her make-up coupled with the lighting, and of course the lingerie are the strongest points of the whole campaign. Just look how evoking these images are.

Go behind the scenes of this campaign coutesy of

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Green Fashion

I just got back from an Al Gore & David Suzuki conference on Global Warming. It was quite moving and it actually made me sit for two hours and think about the real importance in today's world. Not about a designer's latest collection, or the hottest color, or the rise of the hemlines, but about the melting glaciers, the increased CO2 emissions in the earth's atmosphere, our dying species and the flooding and droughts going on around the world.

I've been through this before, where I wanted to boycott fashion and go to the Arctic to save the polar bears. I was so guilty for being so absorbed by fashion when our planet is falling apart. I didn't feel I was making use of myself where it really mattered but then I slowly realised, with help from some outside sources, that I can make my difference through fashion.

It is true that it is the big corporations that must step forward and fight for a greener environment, it is they who have considerable power to make a difference. I think we are making a difference, I think the fashion industry is a laggard when it comes to this issue but slowly, slowly I see differences.

Take for instance the shoe company out of Santa Barbara California, Simple Shoes, they make fully biodegradable footwear. Their shoes are made with recycled car tires, milk jugs, organic cottons, and bamboo. Their products are eco but so is their amazing and not to mention very powerful advertising. They are slowly starting to seep into the popular "fashion" culture with advertisements in Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone (I am really waiting for an ad in Vogue- then I could really say that they are getting into our fashion fixated heads). And starting this season their Global Warming flip flops (proceeds from the sales go to are being sold at Kitson and Nordstrom's.

It think that this little shoe company is a fantastic push toward making a difference. I would love for the fashion industry to make "saving the planet" fashionable. I would love to see Vogue, Elle or Harper's Bazaar all have a sustainable style section in their tomes.

Like Mr. Gore mentioned in his speech, it's all of us together that will make a difference and it is time that the fashion industry (and I mean New York, Milan, Paris and London) start making a real difference. I pledge from here on I will continue to find some green fashion to talk about. It is my responsibility to our planet.,,

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vogue Latino America

I just received the March issue of the Latin American Vogue, a friend brought it back for me on one of their recent ventures to Argentina. I fell in love with the cover the minute I saw it. I think the cover really represents where the market is at today. It's modern elegance with an understated glam - all the gold accessories, the multiple over sized bracelets and chain necklaces, the tie belt and the draped dress that could double as a tunic over skinny jeans. This is what I think, when we look back to the mid '00s, we will think of when asked about the fashion of the decade. Also, I love the model's hair, it has the whole Chloe-soft-and-lustrous look that I so love.

Credits: Dress - Dolce & Gabbana, Belt - Ports 1961, Necklaces - David Yurman & Erickson Beaman, Braclets - David Yurman, Alexis Bittar, Amrita Singh, Robert Lee Morris & Yvette Fry, Rings - Robert Lee Morris, Baccart , H.Stern

Photo: Latin American Vogue March 2007

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Great Spring Outfit

Sifting through the Neiman Marcus website I came across this chic spring outfit. I love the wide-leg denim pants, cropped blazer and color bursting silk topper. A definite must on my spring shopping list.

Anlo Jeans, Tibi Cami, Tibi Cropped Jacket

All items available at


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quote of the Day

"I'm tough, I'm ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay." Madonna

Love this is so true. People who are tough and ambitious are usually people who get called a bitch by the people who wish they were tough and ambitious. You are who you are, a bitch or not.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Return of The Wide Leg Pant

Retailers have been slowly introducing the wide leg jean back into our wardrobes but we haven't been buying into the whole oversized legged look. I guess we just can't let go of our skinnies (well at least not me) but slap the jeans on a couple of celebs and guess what - you got a hot new trend.

I actually like the wide leg jean, one in particular actually, the 7 For All Mankind Ginger Pant in the dark mercer wash. These jeans are high-waisted, slim fitting and flared at the knee and look amazing on.

I am actually happy to see that the wide legs have made a comeback as it gives me more variety when it comes to my denim choices. And no, I am not ready to give up my skinnies but I will definitely be adding these babies to my repertoire.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SJP for Steve & Barry's

The details are out - Sarah Jessica Parker will be doing a line for the low-end clothing chain Steve & Barry's. I'm kind of speechless, well make that disappointed. I am not too sure why she has ventured down this route but the best way I could make sense of it, is, that Steve & Barry's is paying Ms. Parker a large lump sum to partner together.

If this was a pure SJP p.r. move I would think they would travel a different direction. Perhaps, the H&M route. I could see that as more of a fit, actually a great fit, or better yet, Target. So, I am assuming that this is part of Steve & Barry's marketing plan for revamping their company. I have to say that it is smart on their part but I would like to see the execution process. For one they are going to have to invest some time, effort and money into their design team and their advertising plan.

Apparently, the name of the clothing line is based on SJP's sentiment after she walked into, and was exposed to the whole Steve & Barry's concept - 'stylish clothes for less'. The press release for the line put it this way - “Parker was blown away by the company’s mission and bitten by the Steve & Barry’s bug after walking into a Steve & Barry’s store for the first time.”

I have to say...I'm not buying any of it. There are a multitude of retailers out there tooting the whole stylish-clothes-on-a-dime strategy, this is nothing new, so I don't understand what to get bitten or blown away by.

I seriously think this was a grand master plan put into force by S&B's and somehow, someway SJP jumped up on that bandwagon.

I would have really liked to see a "real" SJP line. I'm quite surprised she took on this endeavour.

The collection is to launch June 7th at all Steve & Barry's locations across the country. Every item is priced at $19.98 or less. Repeat: $19.98 or less. So, perhaps this is a new concept. One that is really taking the cheap & chic trend to the very next level.

I still am curious to see how the collection will turn out. I have no doubt that it will be a complete success. I am sure that, with this launch, S&B's will instantly make their dollars for the year.

For more information view fashion week daily.

Monday, March 12, 2007

SJP Takes a Bite

It was only a matter of time before the Sex in the City starlet emerges on the fashion scene with her own clothing line. It is official, Sarah Jessica Parker has launched her own line, called Biten. It goes live today with a luncheon at Indochine for members of the press but besides that no information has been officially released.

I actually have mixed feelings about this launch. On the one side I am not surprised she launched a clothing line and I look forward to what she has to offer but on the other side I am a bit skeptical about this being an entire p.r. move. She has been out of the spotlight for a while and what better way to make a comeback (besides a sequel to Sex in the City) than with a fashion line.

I remember when she launched her perfume Lovely (which by the way, has become my staple scent), I specifically recall her telling Jay Leno (or it could have been David Letterman) how she has waited so long to launch the perfume... that it has been a dream of hers, and that she was apart of the entire process and it was a passionate project.

I do believe she is a passionate being and I also believe that she would not venture into any project unless she was truly passionate about it but I am not fully convinced of that fact with this new endeavour. I am anxious to hear more about it and see the collection. Oh, and I definitely want to know more about the origin of that name (obviously something to do with the Big Apple, the city she is so passionately in love with).

I will most definitely keep you posted.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Victoria's Secret Handbag

I adore this great canvas and metallic handbag. A little nautical, a little St. Tropez, this chic bag makes a great new spring accessory and it's at a great price ($75) at Victoria's Secret. I have already put in my order. I do not usually shop for clothing or accessories through Victoria's Secret but every once and a while you find little treasures, like this charming number.

For more info, visit


Thursday, March 08, 2007

The ChloƩ Hair

All the spring 2007 ads are flooding the magazines. In my opinion, fashion advertising has not been as exciting as in the past but like with everything there are always exceptions. I love the new ChloƩ ads but I especially love the hair. I know they are selling product but they have totally sold me on those shiny, luscious locks. So much so that I am booking an appointment with my hairdresser asap.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Old vs.The New Nina Ricci

Everyone is talking about Olivier Theyskens' debut collection for Nina Ricci. I love Theyskens, I love his work, and his craft, yet I was disappointed with the collection he presented for fall 2007. I came to appreciate what Lars Nilsson did for the house, which was inject it with a very chic femininity. It was actually one of the few collections I depended on for feminine looks. No matter what you could always depend on Nina Ricci for that beautiful dress.

I'm not saying that Theyskens' is not capable of it, he is plenty capable, just look at what he did for Rochas (one of the other collections I came to depend on for great feminine looks). I actually still can't believe Rochas closed down but I will not venture off down what could be a long road of complaints and dismays.

I understand that Theyskens is trying to freshen up the look of the house (as any new designer with a new appointment does) and make his imprint. I guess I am not one for major change. When I get used to something and start depending on it I don't deal well with it changing on me. And I guess I am referring to everything in my life not just the Nina Ricci collection.

Even though it wasn't a true Ricci line-up, there were still some great pieces and definitely great craftsmanship apparent throughout the show. I loved the dove grey sweater dress. This is my favorite piece of the whole collection but I still want my feminine NR dresses back.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Next Big Trend (Or Not)

I have no words but...what were they thinking? Seriously, I do not get it. Stella McCartney is a great designer and Karl Lagerfeld is well, just genius but what were they thinking? I do not know about you but I am definitely not feeling this whole outdoorsy-country-snuggle-up-hot-chocolate-look. I do not care that it is Chanel or anyone else. I cannot be sold on this no matter who (would dare) say it's the hottest trend. However, I could appreciate Karl's whole make penguins cool attitude if he meant it in a Global Warming Save the Penguins way.

Stella McCartney


Monday, March 05, 2007

Off-Duty Model Style

Last week in Paris running around the City of Lights you would have found denizens of models all scurrying to get to their next shows. captured their off-duty fashion sensibility. Here are some of my favorite model street style looks.

I absolutely love this coat. Love it. I need to find one exactly like this. I also love her hair and that bold eye makeup.This is great grey tone on tone layering. She looks very comfortable and at the same time very chic.
The leggings with the Chanel flats and the pea coat. Love that look.
Satin bow tie shirt, blue jeans and knee boots. Great style.
Fabulous boots and bag.Love the dress and pendant (I also love her hair - smooth, sleek, the perfect length and shade).
I adore the handbag and the chicness of a simple scarf wrapped neck.
She made three tones work - the butter boots and the cognac bag mixed with her grey ensemble. The grey coat is perfect length for the coordinating dress, creating a nice line.
Love this whole mix it together look. She pulled it off well. I particularly love the oversized metallic bag.