Wednesday, March 28, 2007

M Madonna for H&M

I almost forgot to mention the launch of M Madonna's collaboration with the Swedish retailer H&M. Maybe I forgot it for a reason. I've seen very little coverage or hype about it pre-release and even less coverage post-release. It apparently did not fare to well at the register. The collection revolves around basics - woven shirts, pencil skirts, blazers, trousers and some everyday dresses. It did not excite me when I sneaked a peek at some of the styles before it hit the stores and it still doesn't.

I viewed the promo site and I think it is worth viewing, with some minor glitches and a hugely annoying closet assistant, the site is well done. The promo movie reel is quite entertaining, and I don't know how quite I mean that exactly.

It seems people were expecting more outlandish pieces, just as I guess, they expect more outrageous concert performances by the Material Girl, but what we keep forgetting (I especially) is that she is no longer that Material Girl but Mrs. Ritchie & Mommy. She has changed and the M line for H&M greatly reflects this change. I still will check it out tomorrow (if there is anything left (and if there is anything left after a week that means it really was not a success)). My favorite two pieces are the white trench coat and a puff short sleeve shirt.


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