Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Marni Oh Marni

I recently saw this great coat on The Sartorialist, the sleeve detail is amazing. It is an overall simple coat but the sleeve detail is what makes it a memorable, stand out piece. It sure had me thinking of it way after I saw the picture and when I viewed The Sartorialist again today the sleeve just grabbed my attention yet again.

I went on Marni.com, which to my surprise have added e-commerce content. You can now purchase Marni product direct from their site. They have some other fantastic coats for spring 2007. You won't find anything under $1,000 but you will find stylish, unique items. If you love that Marni deconstructed look, you will love these coats.

Photos: thesartorialist.blogspot.com, marni.com

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Mrs Fashion said...

I adored that coat on The Sartorialist and want it sooo bad! Super-chic.
Mrs F x