Sunday, March 25, 2007

Clinique's Flower Essence

This ever so pretty spring blush is turning up every where I look, and I mean everywhere - magazine ads and reviews, newspapers, TV and blogs. It seems I cannot get away from it. I normally do not buy Clinique cosmetics but this is so pretty I just may make it my first official spring cosmetic purchase. Whoever the power p.r. behind this is, I would like to say congratulations on getting your product out there, heard, advertised and purchased. P.R. push or not, I need a new spring blush and this flower print one just sends out fresh positive vibes fora fresh new season. It is like opticaltherapy. What aromatherapy does for our smell, this little blusher does for our vision. It's a definite buy in my book.

Limited-Edition Fresh Bloom Allover Colour, comes in Peony or Pink Poppy, $28.00


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