Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SJP for Steve & Barry's

The details are out - Sarah Jessica Parker will be doing a line for the low-end clothing chain Steve & Barry's. I'm kind of speechless, well make that disappointed. I am not too sure why she has ventured down this route but the best way I could make sense of it, is, that Steve & Barry's is paying Ms. Parker a large lump sum to partner together.

If this was a pure SJP p.r. move I would think they would travel a different direction. Perhaps, the H&M route. I could see that as more of a fit, actually a great fit, or better yet, Target. So, I am assuming that this is part of Steve & Barry's marketing plan for revamping their company. I have to say that it is smart on their part but I would like to see the execution process. For one they are going to have to invest some time, effort and money into their design team and their advertising plan.

Apparently, the name of the clothing line is based on SJP's sentiment after she walked into, and was exposed to the whole Steve & Barry's concept - 'stylish clothes for less'. The press release for the line put it this way - “Parker was blown away by the company’s mission and bitten by the Steve & Barry’s bug after walking into a Steve & Barry’s store for the first time.”

I have to say...I'm not buying any of it. There are a multitude of retailers out there tooting the whole stylish-clothes-on-a-dime strategy, this is nothing new, so I don't understand what to get bitten or blown away by.

I seriously think this was a grand master plan put into force by S&B's and somehow, someway SJP jumped up on that bandwagon.

I would have really liked to see a "real" SJP line. I'm quite surprised she took on this endeavour.

The collection is to launch June 7th at all Steve & Barry's locations across the country. Every item is priced at $19.98 or less. Repeat: $19.98 or less. So, perhaps this is a new concept. One that is really taking the cheap & chic trend to the very next level.

I still am curious to see how the collection will turn out. I have no doubt that it will be a complete success. I am sure that, with this launch, S&B's will instantly make their dollars for the year.

For more information view fashion week daily.

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