Monday, March 12, 2007

SJP Takes a Bite

It was only a matter of time before the Sex in the City starlet emerges on the fashion scene with her own clothing line. It is official, Sarah Jessica Parker has launched her own line, called Biten. It goes live today with a luncheon at Indochine for members of the press but besides that no information has been officially released.

I actually have mixed feelings about this launch. On the one side I am not surprised she launched a clothing line and I look forward to what she has to offer but on the other side I am a bit skeptical about this being an entire p.r. move. She has been out of the spotlight for a while and what better way to make a comeback (besides a sequel to Sex in the City) than with a fashion line.

I remember when she launched her perfume Lovely (which by the way, has become my staple scent), I specifically recall her telling Jay Leno (or it could have been David Letterman) how she has waited so long to launch the perfume... that it has been a dream of hers, and that she was apart of the entire process and it was a passionate project.

I do believe she is a passionate being and I also believe that she would not venture into any project unless she was truly passionate about it but I am not fully convinced of that fact with this new endeavour. I am anxious to hear more about it and see the collection. Oh, and I definitely want to know more about the origin of that name (obviously something to do with the Big Apple, the city she is so passionately in love with).

I will most definitely keep you posted.


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