Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Old vs.The New Nina Ricci

Everyone is talking about Olivier Theyskens' debut collection for Nina Ricci. I love Theyskens, I love his work, and his craft, yet I was disappointed with the collection he presented for fall 2007. I came to appreciate what Lars Nilsson did for the house, which was inject it with a very chic femininity. It was actually one of the few collections I depended on for feminine looks. No matter what you could always depend on Nina Ricci for that beautiful dress.

I'm not saying that Theyskens' is not capable of it, he is plenty capable, just look at what he did for Rochas (one of the other collections I came to depend on for great feminine looks). I actually still can't believe Rochas closed down but I will not venture off down what could be a long road of complaints and dismays.

I understand that Theyskens is trying to freshen up the look of the house (as any new designer with a new appointment does) and make his imprint. I guess I am not one for major change. When I get used to something and start depending on it I don't deal well with it changing on me. And I guess I am referring to everything in my life not just the Nina Ricci collection.

Even though it wasn't a true Ricci line-up, there were still some great pieces and definitely great craftsmanship apparent throughout the show. I loved the dove grey sweater dress. This is my favorite piece of the whole collection but I still want my feminine NR dresses back.


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