Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Mago-vations at Marie Claire

It is the second (re-vamped) issue I buy of Marie Claire magazine and well, I just flat out do not like it. So much so that it is quite un-enjoyable to read. I really do not like the new typography they are using. It's small, thin, unrecognizable and not pleasant to the eye. I find the font type and style blurs into the advertorials and advertisements, and if it doesn't blur, it definitely does not stand-out.

Also the duotone colors of black and red is not an exciting color combination. What happened to all those multi-colors? I used to enjoy flipping through the magazine at the newsstand and have that rainbow of colors jump out at me. That is what made Marie Claire, Marie Claire. I find that it is too harsh now. Too serious.

I miss the old Marie Claire. It was exciting, enticing and pleasurable to read. Try flipping through the new magazine, nothing will stand-out or grab your attention. Trust me. It's unfortunate because I used to be an avid Marie Claire reader and the past two issues have disappointed me so much that I do not think I will be buying any future issues.

I understand that with a change of guard (enter the new editor-in-chief Joanna Coles) comes improvements, add-ons, take-aways, etc... but I feel like they completely crossed the line with their mago-vations and stripped the core of what Marie Claire used to be (stylistically speaking) - which was fun. I wish that they would just bring back the old Marie Claire.

Check out some of the changes:

The Table of Contents

Old vs. New

The Intro Beauty Page

Old vs. New

(You can't even tell that it is the beauty page in the new mag)

The Intro Fashion Page

Old vs. New

(Which one looks better? There is no question in my mind)

The New 101 Looks Page

(What happened to the fun of these pages....I used to look at the 101 section 101 times, now I flip through it so fast.)

The New Shopping Page

(The layout is nice but the headlines, titles and names are lost in oblivion)

The Old 10 Best Fashion Page

(I could not find this page in the new mag. Why? Look how bright and fun it was.)

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e said...

hello, i'm new to your site so i'm flipping thru your archives. nice! i'm from australia and we don;tet this marie claire here, but i just wanted to to say that these new styles look exactly the same as te english marie claires i have from the very early 1990s -- exactly. so it looks nice to my eye!