Thursday, October 26, 2006

The October Chill

I love the quote from the October Vogue's opening fashion page. So inviting, sweet, warm and nostalgic...a great way to start the cold winter season.

"We always enjoy fashion the most at the changing of the seasons - but in autumn those sense-memory-charged pleasures are even more intense. You draw a pair of opaque tights (black or maple-red or apple green) from the package and remember that boy who took your hand at the fifth grade square dance. You slip a sweaterdress over your shoulders, rub the cashmere sleeve against your cool cheek, and think of Mom. A new tweed coat smells of clean wool. An armful of gold bangles clicks and clatters with the sound of a woman setting seriously back to business. October...couldn't you just shiver?"

Photo:Vogue October 2006

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