Thursday, November 23, 2006

Beyoncé's Daytime Style

I recently saw Beyoncé on The Oprah Show and while she looked beautiful, (as always) her dress of choice (literally) was quite questionable. I do not think it to be so appropriate to wear such a low-cut mini dress on national daytime television.

I love Beyoncé. I am a huge fan. I think she is one of the most captivating pop stars of our time but I am really starting to question her daytime outfit choices. I also recently saw her on The Tyra Show, wearing a super-tight low-cut outfit.

With both outfits I could clearly see her cleavage, and while she does not have that "in your face" cleavage, I still think that she would look much classier for daytime television if she were covered up.

Perhaps the outfit for The Tyra Show is passable but nothing can excuse her Oprah Show choice. What was she thinking? Not to mention her jewelry of choice. She had on big, disco, super-hoops, while fitting for nighttime, they are definitely not suitable for daytime wear. She always looks impeccably glamorous by night - no complaints there but I hope Beyoncé reconsiders her daytime wardrobe choices, especially when on national TV.

Beyoncé on The Oprah Show

Beyoncé on The Tyra Show


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