Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fashion Nudity: In or Out?

After looking through the Paris Vogue I came to realize that I would rather not see nude models in the fashion layouts. One would never see such shots in an American magazine, hence, the saying only in Paris Vogue.

I do think Carine Roitfeld is great and innovate, and she really adds that edge to the French magazine with its nude photography (among other things). I am able to appreciate the art of such images but think that non-breast-exposed images are more tasteful and have more of that ethereal dream-like quality inherent in fashion spreads.

As I look through the following images, while not trashy and quite stylistically reserved, I think they would be far better shots sans the breasts exposed.

What do you think - nudity in fashion magazines - in or out?

Photos: Paris Vogue October 2006

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