Thursday, November 09, 2006

True Couture

The most glamorous Chanel Haute Couture dress mixed in with the glamour of Paris - a perfect pairing. Another great shot from the October issue of Elle.

Photo: Elle October 2006


Onemorecup said...

Dear Miss Stylolgist:

I absolutely love your blog! I wonder how I have managed without it for so long. Your blog definitely goes on my "O" Blog Club list.

You add such class and dignity with your writing and especially with the photos you elect to publish on your site. Seriously, even when asking your readers about nudity in fashion magazines the photos you used as examples were exemplary.

Now to my question: I have noticed that we share the same taste in true couture. The piece you wrote bearing the same name, "True Couture" is my all time favorite editorial. I know it was shot by the almighty Gilles Bensimon and of course, published by Elle Canada; however, just as in all cases with Elle (any where) the magazine does not mention who the model is who quite literally brings this editorial to life. Shameful, and just disgusting!

Do you have a line on where I can write or call to find out who represents this model? I have noticed that all others involved--hair, make-up, styling, even nails, have been done in France on location. I am looking for her agency.

Just love your work here!

Miss Stylologist said...

Thank you so so much for the wonderful comment. It's great to know what and how people react to my writing. The image is from US Elle and I will try my best to find the info for you.

Anonymous said...

fuckin loove it!