Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Beautiful Fall

In the past couple of weeks there has been much controversy over journalist Alicia Drake's book, The Beautiful Fall, which chronicles the Parisian fashion revolution of the 1970s, namely the rivalry between two iconic designers, Karl Lagerfeld and Yves St. Laurent.

The Beautiful Fall has sparked great turmoil for Mr. Lagerfeld as he has filed a legal suit against Ms. Drake for invasion of privacy, amongst other things. Apparently, Lagerfeld, being the closed up (to the neck, literally) private person he is feels that the book reveals too much about him. For one his real age, which the book states he is 73. As well, the tome digs into his upbringing in Germany, which some say he likes to keep silenced, due to his less than modest childhood.

Who really knows what the real reasons are for Lagerfeld to get all fired up, but whatever they are it makes it all the more an interesting read.

While I have not read the book (yet), I will be picking it up soon. It discusses "the beginning of fashion as rock-star spectacle... the dramatic collision and rivalry between two titanic geniuses... this irresistible moment...the stunning highs and heartbreaking lows, the glorious achievements and dramas of an era when style reigned in the most glamorous of cities.”

I think a description like that is a sell in itself, regardless of the “Lagerfeld Effect.” Which avid fashionista would not want to read about the tumultuous and glamorous fashion revolution? I cannot think of any.

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