Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ma Venduese

The January issue of Vogue showcases Jacqueline Schnabel’s "eclectic brilliance" in the profile, titled, “Bohemian Reverie” on her re-decoration of her Hampton's home. Tucked into the article was a plug for her daughter Lola's movie, Ma Venduese. A collaboration with Anne Beaurang, her grandmother (as narrator) and Zac Posen, her childhood friend (as producer).

"In this enigmatic film, models cavort in Zac Posen's current resort collection while director Lola Schnabel's grandmother reminisces about fashions of the thirties and forties," as stated in the film's synopsis on style.com.

This Indie-type film begins with a couple of girls dressing in a darkened manor, to them running wild in the great outdoors. Signifying, I am assuming, the liberation of women's dress. It then shoots to a scene on the beach, where you see a little old lady juxtaposed with her BYTs. The background music seems ethnic, Indian maybe, as they dance the day away. Night falls and “grandma's” BYTs drive off. The film ends with a quick reel rewind, while you see a wheel ablaze in the background, as if to exemplify that the ever turning cycle of fashion has come to an end.

The film is an interesting alternative to reading an article on the topic. The scenes were quite dark, and it was hard to see Posen's beautiful clothes. Mrs. Beaurang's voice was that of a 93-year-old woman, yet even though it was hard to understand at times, she did have some very enlightening reveries about the fashion of her times.

You can also view this movie on style.com.

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