Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Couture Report: Christian Dior

One word - super brilliant. Ok, that was two words but the Christian Dior show John Galliano produced for spring 2007 deserves more than a mere paragraph, more than a blog post, a newspaper article, etc...

His collection, from what I viewed on, was simply brilliant. His couture collections usually are, yet there are always those lackluster seasons but I could assure you this was not one of them.

Yes, these clothes may not be wearable as viewed on the runway but that is what couture is all about - bringing the imagination to life without regard for any rules or restrictions.

It is always such an amazing feat to be able to, twice a year, enter the realm of Mr. Galliano’s ├╝ber creative consciousness. His imagination is incomparable. He is untouchable and unstoppable and I am pleased to be in this era to witness such marvel. Now, if I can only score an invite to a show.


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