Sunday, January 28, 2007

Couture Report: Givenchy

The theme: "the metamorphosis of sailors into mermaids.” The background: a heavy, foggy mist and water heavily dripping onto a gray slab. The inspiration: Taranto, a seaport in Puglia, Italy. The person: Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy spring 2007.

The metamorphosis of sailors into mermaids - I guess this revealed itself in the oversized captain hats and jackets? However, before reading the show review on, I thought a little Goth and a little un-directional. While I loved the exaggerated blown out of proportion hats , as well as the beautiful and intricately cut, draped and molded gowns, I saw little in terms of a great, inspirational, leading collection.

I do think that Riccardo Tisci is great but I do agree with Sarah Mower in that he needs more time to develop into a grand couturier.

And I also think that fellow blogger fashionologie was right on when she said that the Givenchy caps are the new Balenciaga helmets.


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