Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fashion Week Live

Shortly after the last runway presentation in New York, IMG will be packing it up and hitting the road. Starting in March, patrons of Dallas, Houston, Chicago and San Francisco will be able to view the fall 2007 collections (from select designers) through Fashion Week Live , for a price of $500, $1,200 or $1,500 (depending on the package they buy).

I thought this was a fantastic idea - bringing fashion/high fashion/fresh fashion to the general public. I thought it was a great p.r. move, that was until I clicked on the "tickets" tab.

What a $500 ticket buys you - great seats, champagne, a gift bag and access to the after party. A $1,200 ticket will get you what a $500 ticket would but with premium seats, red carpet entry, a platinum gift bag and preferred parking. A $1,500 ticket will get you what a $1,200 ticket would but with front row seats, post show access and valet parking. To be completely honest I am not to impressed with these benefits.

I don't agree that this event should be a priced event, and if it needs to be a priced event, shouldn't it be within a reasonable amount, say max $100?

Obviously this event is for the high society women within these cities, who have the extra money and want to start planning their purchases earlier. So much for bringing this fashion to the general public.

I am curious to see how these nights turn out.

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Anonymous said...

Great followups at the shows especially little tidpits on the sightings ,keep up I will be watching for some more