Monday, January 08, 2007

It's All About...

It's all about sequin hot pants for spring 2007.

These sequined Chanel '40s-esque short shorts seem to be all the rage. Vogue (January 2007) asks, "Is it risqu├ęto wear your itsy-bitsies out on the town when they're dressed up on the top and decked out in tweed and sequins?" Apparently, they think not.

Hmm, not sure about that. I think these sequined minis are fabulous but I do not envision myself in them strolling the streets of Soho. Actually unless I am in the confines of my bedroom, I do not think I would ever be able to pull it off or rather, pull them on. However, I would love to see the look out and about.

It would be interesting to see how girls would make it work without appearing too over the top. I think these shorts give the fashion landscape a whole new dimension to work with and I look forward to seeing how (and if) this trend evolves in the coming seasons.

Photo: Vogue January 2007,

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