Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ralph Lauren Gets Sued

Polo Ralph Lauren has been taken to court by G-Star on grounds that the American giant knocked off, or copied (however it is you want to call it) two of their designs. G-Star claims that PRL copied their Ellwood jeans and Mash Jacket.

I first read of this news the other day on and was shocked to see that not only was there a hearing, there was a decision by the District Court of Amsterdam and it wasn't in favor of PRL.

PLR has been ordered to destroy all (remaining) stock of both lines in question, to pay G-Star's legal costs and damages, and to provide sales and profit figures for the said items.

The big question is - is it true? Did PRL really copy these two styles? While PRL did have the opportunity to appeal, they instead chose to settle the case.

Now this of course materializes as guilty but it could also mean that it was more beneficial to just settle the case and close the file.

Just when you think that the "giants" are not "copiers", something like this makes you wonder what, or rather shall I say who, is authentic in their designs/creations and who is not. Where do you draw that line between being inspired and copying someone else's work?

G-Star's ElleWood Jean

G-Star's Mash Jacket


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