Sunday, February 04, 2007

Celebrity Run In

Navigating through the over crowed runway at DVF prior to the show, my coat, or shall I say coats (it has been so cold here that I need two coats) got tangled up into Susan Sarandon's sweater. We had a little close up, face to face conversation about getting tangled. I said sorry, it untangled and that was it, I was on my way. She was extremely nice about the situation. She seemed very friendly and pleasant. It's always nice to meet celebs or haphazardly run in to them and they be nice and pleasant.

And beacuse Miss Wintour is a celeb in her own right, and her daughter, one in the making, I guess I could classify my almost tumble with them as a celebrity run in. Once again on the over crowed DVF runway, I was trying to maneuver and I almost, (but so almost) toppled over, my coats and all, onto the editrix and her daughter. Their body guard even leaned in to almost prevent this, what would be catastrophe.

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