Saturday, February 03, 2007

Spotted" Miss J

Spotted, or rather overheard, walking into the Sass & Bide show, was Miss J Alexander with his small click of girls chatting it up. They were talking about how Miss J has been so busy doing so many projects and working so much that he hasn't been home to stay and live in 19 years. (Hmm I wonder by how many years he is exaggerating that. His home he said is Paris. I also heard him saying that there will only be two more seasons of Top Model. I wonder how accurate that is. And then, the kicker, one girl mentioned Tyra. She is like, "I have to ask, how is she doing with all that is going on about the attack on her weight." And he is like, "Oh girl, she is fiiiinnne. She is so fiiiinnee. She is not a 17 year old girl, she is a grown women and Tyra has handled much worse. She is a women with curves and she is proud of it."

Just a little gossip courtesy of fashion week.

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