Monday, April 02, 2007

The Lacroix Vintage Hearts

I love these vintage Lacroix earrings I recently scoped out on the Decades' website. The West Coast & East London's hot spot popular for '60s and '70s vintage couture and accouterments now has a blog, as well as an online shop for its sister store - decadestwo. Decades caters to the high-end vintage couture customer, as prices range way into the thousands and Decadestwo is where you might just find a vintage Chanel handbag for $600. The actual store is really where you find the deals, and you must frequent the shop on a regular basis, or become best friends with the sales girls to get the best deals and steals, yet it's worth checking out their site. I am definitely putting in a call for these earrings...I just love them!


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Bergdorf Girl said...

I was looking at these very ones. I agree they are amazing. Decades is a great resource, also check out resurrection as well. I have a thing for 80's costume jewelry...I recently scored a few Chanel, Christian lacroix and Valentino pairs...I have been meaning to post them....anyway just discovered your site, its very cool.