Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Vogue Declares The Return of The Model

Vogue is declaring the return of the model for its model laden May 2007 cover but has the model ever really disappeared? I know that magazine covers tend toward celebrities when deciding a face to put on their cover. I guess this has something to do with newsstand sales and the"easy-to-relate-to" factor (apparently we relate better to a celebrity face than an unknown, no name model) but flip open the magazine and it is chock-full of models...modeling. Look at any runway show and you see models, look at 80% of all advertisements and you see models (and here too, the ad industry has caught on to the celebrity fever, turning celebrity endorsements into careers into their own.)

Why does it have to be one or the other, why can't the mags, Vogue especially, include a nice balance into their monthly cover rotation. I would love to see a celeb but I would just as much love to see a model. It is enough with the Nicole Kidmans, Renée Zellwegers and the Keira Knightleys on Vogue covers. There are so many interesting and beautiful women figures (models included). I would like to see diversity.

I love this May cover it reminds me of the covers from the '90s but there are too few and far in between. The last all model cover was September 2004. We had to wait almost 2 1/2 years to see fashion models on a fashion magazine. Something is a little out of whack, unbalanced maybe, but so is our entire world (i.e. the global warming effect), so when you take that into consideration, I guess having no fashion models on the covers of fashion magazines fits right in.

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e said...

other magazines and edition of vogue aroudn the world use models all the time -- think paris vogue, UK vogue -- so why is ms wintour so afraid???