Wednesday, May 16, 2007

ANTM...and the winner is...

Jaslene was chosen as the winner for America's Next Top Model Cycle 8. I think that with this season's girls, Jaslene makes a great Next Top Model. She is slightly on the too skinny side, but I will not venture down that road. I think she has a classic beauty to her, she photographs phenomenally, has a typical model body and has a nice catwalk presence. She even has the perfect model name! I do think however she needs a little more refining, especially in terms of her speech but that will come (hopefully). I look forward to her foray into the industry. Yet, I am still waiting to see the winner of America's Next Top Model make it really big.

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Cris Lazoru said...

Yes, the winners of ANTM never really make it in the fashion industry but maybe she'll be different. I wish her well.