Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Channeling Poiret at the MET

I love the smattering of fashion that an event like the Costume Institute's Annual Gala presents. In general everyone looks divine - people are happy (or at least appear to be), everyone is in good spirits, the energy is high and above all that, everyone is dressed up.

Yes, dressed up. We seldom get dressed up anymore, unless it is for events such as these, and that is why when these events happen, whether it be a fashion event, charity ball or an awards ceremony, it is just simply delightful to see everyone dressed up.
Rather than pick out the worst dressed or the best dressed, rather than tear someone apart for wearing a questionable gown, we should all just rejoice in the fact that people still put in the effort and go the extra mile to dress up.

I think all the dresses that ascended up the Met's grand staircase were all noteworthy, yet is was Zani Gugelmann that really stood out. She took the night's theme to new heights as she sported a traditional era head piece. I love that she did that. She took a risk, yes, but more importantly she had fun with getting dressed up.

I think we should all take clues from Ms. Gugelmann and take more risks and be more creative. For instance, why aren't more people wearing those Prada turbans? I find that, when it comes time to dressing, we tend to play it safe, myself included. And to that, I sincerely think we need more Zani Gugelmanns. We need our own Poiret era, so when people look back to our time they will see that fashion was about something and not just a regurgitation of yesteryear.

Photo: style.com

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