Thursday, May 10, 2007

Trend Alert: Pendant Necklaces

Life & Style Weekly (May 21, 2007 issue) has touted pendant necklaces as the latest must-have accessory. All major, as well as, up & coming, jewelry designers are infusing their collections with pendants and all the celebrities are embellishing their outfits with this chic accessory. As an accessory aficionada, I personally have been sporting this current trend for some time and managed to amass quite a collection, yet just like with anything else (shoes, jeans, LBDs), it wouldn't hurt to add more to my mushrooming assortment. I absolutely adore this Isharya pendant. Coined the Zebra, it incorporates white topaz, wood and 18k-gold-plating. I think I may have to make this my very next pendant purchase. (Available at

Photo: Life & Style Weekly May 21, 2007,


Mrs Fashion said...

A-ha! You got Carson's email too!
Mrs F x

Miss Stylologist said...

Hi Mrs Fashion

Yes I did get Carson's email!

Loving the pendants right now.