Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2007

John Galliano's opening look for the fall 2007 Christian Dior haute couture show was a hark back to 1947, the Dior outfit that revolutionized fashion, The New Look. His 60th anniversary show was a homage to Christian Dior, himself, as well as his design director, Steven Robinson, who passed away in April.

Casting the infamous supermodels of the decade past, Linda, Naomi, Helena, and Shalom, choosing the grandiose Versailles as a back drop and boosting the longest runway in fashion show history, not to mention the 1,000, or so, celebrities, customers, and editors that were invited, Galliano's intent was to make this a show to remember.

And a show it was to remember, with editor reviews trickling in with nothing but positive notes, like Suzy Menkes from the International Herald Tribune, "...a fabulous example of Galliano's imagination and the superb craftsmanship of the august house," and celebrity fans in awe, like Marisa Berenson, who could not have put it better, "Dior is modern, active, fantasy. Galliano goes beyond fashion. He is an artist, " Galliano, yet again, came out as pure genius.

The fall show was all about romanticism, from the root inspiration which was notorious artists of our time, Picasso, Jean Cocteau, and Caravaggio, to the setting, the music (Spanish influenced) and all the fine details each look incorporated that made it signature Galliano.

I think it was a very old world, romantic glamour with a humorous and mysterious edge buried deep within.


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