Sunday, July 01, 2007

Road Warriors on Venice Beach

Anger and hatred is what influenced John Galliano's spring 2008 men's collection. Aptly called Road Warriors on Venice Beach, the show portrayed a melange of global extremist groups, gangs and war members, from the African rebels, to the American street gangs, Neo Nazi skinheads to Arab extremists and a variety of militia from different nations. Galliano, once again, took his inspiration to the far extreme... but we could not expect anything less.

His shows, be it for Christan Dior or his own namesake house, are legendary. You may never see what you see outside a Galliano runway, they go way beyond Broadway and Hollywood. This kind of creative execution is exclusive to Mr. Galliano. A true creative genius, Galliano's witty and crazy imagination breathes excitement into the industry. Who doesn't look forward to his 8 shows a year (2 for Dior Couture, 2 for Dior womenswear, 2 for Galliano womenswear and 2 for Galliano menswear)?

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ManoloEUREKA said...

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and wow... i love fashion

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bonnie lass said...

Men's fashion shows make me so terribly sad. On the runway, it is very editorial, and bright and fresh, then it gets to the stores and it's the exact same thing over and over again. I know this happens with women's collections as well, but not this much.

How sad is it when trench and pea coats and motorcycle jackets are the season's 'trends?' (Not meant to bash your earlier post at all. Just a reflection of the sad state of menswear.)

Will it ever change? Will we be treated to something other than men in converse and t-shirts, or a Brooks Brothers suit? And who's to blame? Is it just the nature of the male beast?