Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Belgian Report: Antwerp Part II

Most inspiring and interesting to discover were not so much the main designer boutiques but the one off shops showcasing true Antwerpen style.

One of my most anticipated visits was to that infamous glove shop I made mention of before my trip, Huis A. Boon, however, much to my chagrin the shop was a 4x4 space with layered walls of boxes with hardly anything but two pairs of gloves on display. If you like to browse this is definitely not the place, rather, you must know exactly what you want before you step into this historical 19th century landmark.

Jutka & Riska, was surely my favorite little find. This vintage shop stocks everything from handbags to shoes, jewellery, sunglasses, and clothing, and all in excellent condition. In fact, the items are in such good condition, I had to mention to my shopping companion, (whom, I have to say, was impressively quite patient during my gallivants), that we were in a vintage shop i.e. used clothes. I have never seen such an array of vintage clutches in exotic skins at such bottom dollar prices. I picked up a cognac snakeskin '70s-ish bag for 20 Euros which could have easily sold at 80 Euros or more.

Another great find was Garde-Robe Nationale. This shop housed a modern mix of classic and eclectic pieces by premium local designers. The lines were fashion forward and a stark reminder of why Antwerp is considered a fashion hub. A testament to the art of fashion and true talent is this fabulously structured coat, reminiscent of 17th century Aristocratic costumes. Not something you would find stateside, unless you consider H&M, Forever 21, or Zara true originals.

Other shops worth mentioning and a definite shopping itinerary listing is Labels Inc., Gozo, Louis, Lila Grace and Sienna Boutique. With only one day, actually 4 hours to be exact, there was not enough time to explore these shops in depth but I will be returning (eventually)with a much deeper look into Antwerpen fashion.

Photos: Huis A. Boon (The Sartorialist), all others (Miss Stylologist)

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Anonymous said...

i read your report on Antwerp and i visited it recently. just to let you know that the shops you suggested where great.i found the prettiest little g loves in the glove shop, an expensive van noten-bag at Louis, and a great outfit at Lila Grace.
I also found a breat boutique with verrry nice eyewear. its in t he same street and called Blondé.
also Hooj has great sneakers!
thanks again for the tip!