Saturday, September 08, 2007


If I could say one thing about this collection, besides that I loved it, I would have to say, breathtaking. The fabrics, for one, were ethereal - silks as light and soft as a tissue. The images do not do this collection any justice. It is live where you see the true magic of Doo. Ri's spring 2008 collection. The details, like the godet sleeves or the harness layered a top a skirt, or even the sheer organza layered halter dress revealing crystal embellishing underneath are stunning and what, along with the fabric choices and cuts, makes this collection so beautiful an my love for it so strong. The layered two-tone net dress with the crystal embellished bust, which was lighter than air, was a spectacular piece. I see it being adapted to longer proportions and in different colorways for the most reverent Doo. Ri customer - a true fashion connoisseur. A great collection and a true inspiration to dressing for spring '08.


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