Sunday, October 14, 2007

Los Angeles Day 1

My first stop was Resurrection and then Marc by Marc Jacobs on Melrose. Resurrection had a great little selection of vintage finds but nothing rivaling its counterpart down the street Decades and Decades Two. I also visited Marc by Marc Jacobs which was truly, truly disappointing. I cannot express just how disappointing.

For one there was a Halloween themed window, which perhaps, if done tastefully, can be acceptable, but the Marc by Marc Jacobs window was just flat out tacky. I know that Marc can get away with just about anything but if you walked into his store on Melrose, you may double think that train of thought. His merchandise offerings were poor - a handful of ready-to-wear lined a small portion of a wall, handbags and shoes were sparsely displaced throughout the back of the store and the rest of the store was filled with tees and $5.00 cheapies (everything from plastic bangles to Made in China sticker logoed mirror compacts and PVC change purses). I understand his wanting to appeal to the young and those with limited disposable income but I feel like his Melrose store looked more like a thrift shop than anything else. It was a pretty unsatisfying experience.

I next moved onto Kitson on Robertson. I visited the original store and the new studio store, which I personally think is a rough mix of the original store and Intermix, which just opened doors a couple of doors down. The merchandise mix is right and it is not as overwhelming cluttered as the first Kitson shop. It actually was peaceful and not as stressful.

I will post some pictures later after I return from the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market which I plan on being at at 6am when the doors open.

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Anonymous said...

I've been to the Decades store too. I saw a lot of beautiful dresses I would love to own. I couldn't afford it though. I saw on that they are having a sample sale on the Decades Two collection tomorrow! I can't wait. This site has great deals.