Friday, October 12, 2007

UGG Australia Opens its Doors in Chicago

I attended the UGG Australia store opening last night on Rush Street. The company's first in Chicago and second retail outlet in North America. The 1,500 square foot store was overflowing with eager patrons excited to slip their feet into a pair of plush sheepskin boots.

I don't care who says the UGG craze is over, they still are the most comfortable shoe/boot I have ever worn. They may not always be the most flattering but the comfort level, I guarantee, will never fail you. I have 5 pairs and I always tend to pull them out of my closet over any other daytime shoe. I have also officially made them my travel footwear of choice.

The store looks great and the UGG team seem like a great fun bunch all dedicated to the brand. I think that despite what some may say, the UGG brand is really riding high, with product expansions, stores opening up all over North America, and a permanent fixture in the ad pages of Vogue, I think that UGG is fast becoming one of America's most powerful affordable luxury brands.

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