Monday, November 19, 2007

How Low is Too Low?

With all the scantily clad girls in the season's ever so popular mini dresses, one has to ask, perhaps not such a typical question, but - "How low is too low?" Forget the - "How high is too high?" question, we have covered that in the past, and it seems, there is no limit as to how high. Now we have to ask, how low could one possibly go?

Heidi Klum chose this look as the look of choice to parade around in at the Victoria's Secret fashion show after-party, in front of her husband, mother AND father. I cannot quite seem to understand this profanity (and a profanity it is), and it is so unexpected coming from her. Besides the fact that she is a mother of three, she is so highly respected in the industry, and a model, whom I would like to think, has a high level of class.

Can anyone understand this? Was she aware? Did she think this looked good? Was this just another p.r. ploy? Am I overreacting?

Just in case you don't believe me... Photos:


Anonymous said...

i do not understand what's all that all made it the case of the new millennium skipping all the glamour of the night focusing in some thing very un important ,a dress of a model in a party i am sure she intend to wear it giving no dame to you and your opinons because she is a model can wear all kind of dresses and as you say with her husband aprove.we saw alot of celebrities wear a full see through dresses including klum.try to focuse in more important things ,like her singing for example.

Anonymous said...

oh my... i'd seen pictures of this dress from the front and couldn't understand why you were so offended. but oh my, scrolling down...