Saturday, January 12, 2008

Spotted: Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

My first celeb encounter during my West Coast trip happened approximately 30 minutes prior at Katsuya, a posh LA sushi eatery. Sitting, munching on my edamame, in comes Tom Hanks whom walked straight to a table occupied my a brunette with a head of gorgeous cascading curls (of what I could see from the back view). He embraced her with such joy and happiness and she embraced back with such deep passion you could see the love emitting from their aura. I know this sounds like a sappy love story but this observance was pure and inspiring, so much so that I had to approach them (after 3 glasses of Pinot Grigio (but that's between you and me)) and simply tell them that they are my inspiration. I want to be them after 20 years of marriage and two children. I fell in love, and not so from a style point of view, whilst they were both truly stylish, him in his slim dark blue denim and black blazer and her in a loose-cut black ensemble, it was their charisma together, their connection and their true spirit that has inspired me to believe in, what they say, true love forever (yes, sappy I know, but sometimes sappy is good). To Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, the true Hollywood power couple.

P.S. When I told them they were my inspiration they both blushed, very sincerely I might add, and Rita said..."Well, I love him!".

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