Saturday, January 26, 2008

Valentino's Last Bow

And so it was on Wednesday, Valentino's last walk down the runway, his last show bow and looking sharper and dapper than ever. He looked impeccable in his pinstriped suit, definitely a model for how men should look today. His final couture collection, however, was another story. While it was very, very Valentino, I personally think it was a bit too over done. My favorite looks were the Easter egg colored day coats, and the Jackie O. suits, along with a handful of eveningwear looks. I could have down without all the frou - all the different colored floral pleated, draped and sheer ensembles. And so we await the fall 2008 collection, the first collection under the direction of Alessandra Facchinetti. It is always interesting to see how new (and young) designers interpret old houses.

I loved how Valentino had all his couture seamstresses from Rome in attendance. Apparently they were in tears as they watched each piece come down the runway.


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