Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chanel Goes to Robertson

It seems a little unlikely to see a Chanel store on the infamous, hip, little L.A. strip but Robertson Blvd. has added its first high-end designer boutique to the mass of contemporary outposts. Though, the Chanel store looks a little too sterile for its location. Think the over cluttered flea-market-like Kitson boutique or the jammed Madison boutique, or Diavolinas...all have a personality and charm that rivals any mega brand luxury boutique. Chanel feels a little too corporate, almost like an odd ball amongst all the other retailers that offer the customer a different sort of shopping experience. I, however, love the oversized Chanel motifs that are sprinkled throughout the store. Also, the merchandise assortment has a younger, more hip feel to it. It's great to see that the brand is talking (and listening) to its younger customer. Chanel opening on Roberston is the beginning of a new era in fashion and retailing and we will start seeing a huge shift in retail strategy.


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