Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Bergdorf Goodman Marc Jacobs Interview

To add a bit of spice to its shopping pages, Bergdorf Goodman interviews Marc Jacobs on his fall 2008 collection and inspiration for Marc by Marc Jacobs. I think its a great feature to offer shoppers who are looking for that little bit of intimacy with a brand.

How would you describe your MARC by Marc Jacobs Fall collection?
The collection has an early 80's punk/club vibe. This season we were playing more with the idea of dress-up rather than a casual/street look.

Favorite trends for the season?
Bold and graphic shapes, patterns and volume. Your color palette? Black, grey, bright yellow, green, electric blue, and hot pinks.

The shoe for Fall?
Low heeled boots with zips and buckles - they make every look, look cool!

Describe the cuts of your coats and jackets?
The coats and jackets that feel freshest are roomy, larger shapes– from the oversized "boyfriend" type of jacket to the double-breasted, low armhole poncho-like cropped coat.

Evolution of your design philosophy?
As part of a group of designers, we are all as passionate about change in fashion as ever... we trust our whims, and maintain integrity in our approach to make stylish clothing for now!

What does modern means to you?
Interest and curiosity in and about all aspects of culture and life today.

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