Monday, September 25, 2006

LOVE & WAR The Weaponized Woman

I recently went to the Museum at FIT and viewed their latest exhibit Love & War The Weaponized Woman, which focused on today's designer inspiration derived from warrior women in history, most notably Joan of Arc. More precisely this exhibit examined the influence of armor and military styles in fashion today. It was quite interesting and relevant to the world we are living in right now( i.e. war). The exhibit also compared lingerie and armor. The introduction board noted that "lingerie symbolizes nakedness, intimacy, seduction, while armor is associated with power, protection and discipline" and went on to say that armor, like lingerie, can embody erotic impulses. Well after viewing the exhibit I can definitely agree. I think a woman can be sexy and seductive whether she have on a sheer negligee or a leather military coat. I believe its all in the way a woman handles herself. Of course the clothes do help, but to an extent. I think a woman would automatically carry herself differently if she were to wear a $25,000 garment as opposed to a $25.00 item. Also, as the exhibit mentioned certain types of clothing (i.e. uniforms) have an underlying message that appeal to the subconscious. I think that all these factors combined can make a strong statement, both in terms of fashion and of a woman and all that being a woman encompasses.

Some of my favorite looks were a Balenciaga Military Coat from fall 2005 (love the rhinestone belt),

a Jean Yu Cape Dress from 2006

a Burberry silk trench from fall 2006 and a gold silk sequined dress from Narciso Rodriguez from 2003 (which unfortunately I could not find any photos of).


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