Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Mission to Finish the September Glossies

So I promised myself that by September 10th all of my Sept glossies would be read and archived in my fashion library (well, its really just a bookcase in my home office but it sounds so much better as a fashion library), yet I find myself still struggling on September 26th to get through them all. All I really want to do is get to those October issues. They are so much smaller and so much more encouraging to read because I know that I will conquer them in no time and be well ready to receive November. Yet, I just cannot archive September without reading them back to back. I know I can, I know I will! By weeks end I promise myself that I will have all of September read and archived and will be well on my way into October.

Anyway that said, I wanted to share this photo with you. I loved Vogue's fashion spreads this month, yet it was their Speak Volumes spread that appealed to me the most. I think I loved every page of that story. I loved everything from the clothes, the make-up, the model, the lighting, just everything, but one image struck me the most. Coined The Little Mermaid, this image, for me at least, represents what real fashion is and what real beauty is all about. And to my surprise, upon further inspection I came to realize that this was a Max Azria merino-wool turtleneck dress layered over a Ralph Lauren Collection taffeta trumpet skirt. Wow. I just thought that it was some brilliant pairing of textures. Bravo Tonne Goodman for this clever styling.

OK, I am off to finish these encyclopedic books!

Photo: Vogue September 2006

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