Saturday, September 30, 2006

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2007: Versace

Ok, so I think Frida Giannini may have some competition with Donatella Versace in the "inconsistency for spring 2007" department, though Versace may be a step above, as some beautiful incarnations of its signature style did make it down the runway. The show started with sharply tailored daywear that was hardly Versace but worked nevertheless, then drifted into a '70s print story that, well, didn't fair as well. The shapes were modern but the print was too retro for this sexy label. From there came chic gold lamé, shots of canary yellow and back to the ’70s swirl prints all the while injected with ’40s-esque swimsuits, tailored shorts and plenty of bare legs. Then with a short visit to the '60s, space age-inspired mini dresses came floating in, all of which I felt were quite slick and quite Versace in a futuristic way (if that makes since at all). Evening brought an extreme of the high/low silhouette that has been popularized of late and a slew of form-fitting cocktail dresses that in my opinion oozed an understated Versace appeal. It was an interesting take from, shall we say, the new and improved, and recently rehabilitated, Donatella Versace.


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