Friday, September 29, 2006

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2007: Gucci

What happened to Gucci? Actually more precisely what happened to Frida Giannini. I could count maybe 3 outfits that scream Gucci and as for the rest well I am just perplexed. That's all I can really say, is that I am perplexed. So much for a tightly edited collection, even if you looked, I guarantee that this was the most "all over the place" show for spring 2007. I know that she is still trying to find her place, maybe she wants to change it up a little and inject some Frida while dispelling some Tom but word to Giannini, we Gucci fanatics will not gobble it up. No we won't. We want our Gucci, plain and simple.

I see the Gucci-ness (and I am being generous here, because the black belted patent trim coat is border line).

This is where I start getting perplexed.


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