Wednesday, December 06, 2006

And the Winner is....

The winner of America's Next Top Model (cycle 7) is CariDee. Wow, I would not have thought so. I really thought that Melrose was going to nail it. To be honest I was not too excited about the girls from this season. None of them really got my attention or grabbed the spotlight like seasons' passed. Don't know if that's a sign that ANTM may not make it to season 9. I would still like to see it but I think they will need to add some spice to the next cycles. Not sure just what that spice is but something. I think it's starting to drag but like I said I would love to see it come back. Not only is it entertaining but it's also pretty insightful. For example, who would have ever seen (this side of the Atlantic) those gorgeous bridal dresses from the Spanish duoVictorio & Lucchino if it weren't for ANTM. Keep it up Tyra, Jay, J, and Nigel.

These are my two favorite shots of CariDee. She looks amazing. The whole image is amazing. Especially the bullfighter shot. I love that one. It is spectacular. It looks like a shot out of Vogue.


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