Thursday, December 21, 2006


I just don't quite know what to say about all these Miu Miu shoes I have been seeing of late but wow, wow and wow. I am definitely in love. Their shoes are just fantastic. I am not sure if there was a change of guard at the design helm or what exactly happened but all I know is that I must get my hands on a pair of these precious gems (yes, they are definitely like precious gems) and I urge you all as well. Every time I open a magazine another Miu Miu shoe just comes crawling out of the pages and into my desire realm. Another plus, is that their price points are great (well, compared with a few of their competitors, whose shoes I just get weak for as well). I need to get some more information on who is designing this wonderful little treats for our feet. I will keep you all posted, but for now here is a peak of some of the styles that are just shoe-nomenal!

These are my favorite.
Or these.
Great flats for day or night.

Photos:,, Harper's Bazaar December 2006

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