Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shirin Von Wulffen

After seeing this image in Vogue I had to post it. As the tag line indicates - A Vision in White is what Shirin Von Wulffen was. The former Yves St Laurent US Public Relations Director looked splendid on her wedding day in a Stefano Pilati creation, inspired my Ms. Von Wulffen's grandmother’s wedding veil. She married the famed hairstylist to the stars, Frédéric Fekkai at her family's 17th century manor in Germany this past summer.

I first met Shirin, fresh out of school, at an interview. I remember cold calling her office and on my third attempt I was able to speak to her directly. She let me do my spiel and then asked me to come in for an interview. Of course I was a little intimidated, but that all faded within the first two minutes of meeting her. She is the nicest person one can ever meet, even on an interview. She was very composed and mild-mannered. She made me feel very comfortable and took much interest in everything I had to say (even though I was an ingenue).

I never forgot that meeting with her. And until this day I still think about it. I remember leaving the interview and telling my friends about it, saying that "When I grow up I want to be just like her." Well, not in those exact words, but coming out of school and meeting her was an inspiration to me, and still is to this day.

She has since resigned from her post. I assume she has been busy planning her wedding to Mr. Fekkai, and taking a much needed "time-out." I have not heard of anything post-YSL. I await, much anticipation, to hear which house/project she will occupy next. As well, I look forward to my next encounter with Mrs. Frederic Fekkai.

Photo: Vogue December 2006

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