Saturday, January 06, 2007

The $62,745 Dress

Flipping through the January issue of Harper's Bazaar I fell upon this intricately embellished Dolce & Gabbana kimono-inspired dress and thought that it was quite exquisite, until my eyes fell upon the $62,745 price tag.

I understand that it is completely hand-crafted and by that I mean that each row of sequins were pieced together one sequin at a time, each bead was beaded together one bead at a time all forming together to make a cohesive pattern that replicates itself multiple times for an end result that is this dress.

If you just take a moment and inspect this dress and imagine sewing each sequin one at a time, the $62,745 price would probably not even be enough to compensate for all your hard sweaty labour but who really thinks about that when they look at the tag?

I think it's hard to judge such a high price tag after we know how many hours of intense labour was toiled away in creating the garment it is attached to, but how could we not judge it? How do we as a society justify spending $62, 000+ for clothing, or accessories for that matter?

Photo: Harper's Bazaar January 2007

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