Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's a Wrap: A Woman's Story about Strength

While researching for my last post, I came across this article by Lydia Gidwitz in the Brown Daily Hearld (the University's newspaper), which recaps Diane von Furstenburg's inspirational speech "Turning a Passion for Life into a Penchant for Business, the Second Time Around", which she gave to a packed auditorium in March 2006.

Since I am still in that resolution/inspiration digging mood, I felt DVF's speech was rather enlightening. She spoke about how she went from nothing to something and back again to nothing before she landed where she is today - a successful, celebrated empowered business women and one of America's most influential fashion designers (and more recently, the president of the CFDA).

I think that it really all is about perseverance, be it in the fashion industry or any industry. Perhaps, maybe perseverance and passion because I don't think one would preserve anything without true passion.

Click her to read the article.

Photo: dvf.com

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