Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Carolyn Murphy for Jantzen

Carolyn Murphy, the new face of Jantzen, the nearly 100-year-old iconic swimsuit label, was chosen as the model responsible for revving up and injecting a new kind of youth into the brand. According to Laspata and DeCaro, the principals of Laspata DeCaro, the advertising agency behind the new campaign, Murphy had the exact look they were trying to achieve - a combination of forties and fifties glamour mixed with a modern sophistication.

Whatever it is that they were trying to achieve, they achieved it. I think Murphy looks absolutely amazing, ditto for the product. Personally I always thought of the brand as older, more my mother’s style than mine, and usually overlooked it when shopping for a suit. Yet, seeing this ad in Vogue (January 2006 issue) has changed my views.

For one, I think that Murphy brings out that dreamy, ethereal quality that many brands try to achieve. You know that quality, where when you look at the ad you want to be wherever it is the model is, with her clothes, her make-up, her hair and her body.

I think Murphy connects to us in a very real way. She is not heavily made up. Her make-up is minimal, almost nil, and her hair has that casual, just-got-out-of-bed-and-brushed-it look that is so effortless but at the same time perfectly attractive. A look we all aspire to.

Apart from Ms. Murphy, the swimsuits are looking fabulous - sexy, classy, modern and very sophisticated. A look that I think appeals to a young working woman conscious of her appearance.

Body Glove and other like brands are all fun and great but wouldn't you rather be in Miami by the Shore Club's infinity pool sipping that Mojito in one of these sexy cut-out suits? I would definitely think so.

The campaign, with its estimated price tag exceeding $1 million, includes six print ads, and will be featured in all major publications.

My prediction is that this brand’s re-positioning strategy has worked and due to that very fact alone we should all be keeping our eyes, and pocket books, open for Jantzen in 2007.

Photos: Vogue Magazine 2006

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Anonymous said...

Wow! GORGEOUS! Love her bod. Good call on this one. I want her hair, her bod, her make-up...