Thursday, January 04, 2007

High Rise vs. Low Rise

After seeing this ad in combination with runway shots from spring 2007, I think it’s safe to say that low-riders will soon become a thing of yesteryear and the New Year will become fixated on the high rise of hemlines.

I do think Diesel went a tad to the extreme with these indigo jeans, though, if Diesel is known for anything they are known to be extremists. I guess anything goes when it comes to getting their statement heard, or more, their brand recall amplified.

So girls, no more "but-crack-revealing" jeans. Got that? I am very happy that we are seeing this rise. For one, I can't bear to see another stranger's plumber butt but more because I think that a higher waistline is much more attractive. It gives off the impression of a longer torso translating into a stretched out silhouette (always good for us shorties) and it displays garments in a much more lady-like, kept fashion, and this seems to be the mood of the industry right now - proper, classic, lady-like looks.

Another bonus, for all girls who have the slightest “flat tire” - you now that fold of skin that when you sit down protrudes out just a little, and when wearing low riders protrudes right over the waistband. Well girls with the new up-to-there waistlines, you can say good-bye to tucking-it-in.

On the other hand, some might say that you need a stick thin body to pull this look off. Well, yes and no. Yes, if you want to wear these Diesel denims and look like a Diesel model but no if you want to wear a regular high-waisted pair of pants, which is usually 10" or so, and suit almost all body types. And who is saying that you have to tuck in your topper. You don't. High-waisted pants under a baby doll looks great, and is so much safer.

On another note, perhaps these high waists are an indication of the rising sea levels due to Global Warming, but that is another topic altogether. Diesel has certainly got on the Global Warming Awareness bandwagon with their “Global Warming Ready” tag line used throughout all their spring/summer 2007 ads.

Photo: Vogue January 2007

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